The Fetal Pillow?

Consider the “Fetal Pillow”. A device manufactured by Cooper Surgical to facilitate easier delivery of the impacted fetal head during Cesarean birth performed during the second stage of labor particularly following failed operative vaginal delivery. Impacted fetal head is often not considered or realized until found intra-operatively during cesarean. As a result, availability of the Fetal Pillow is not considered until its availability is passed. As is the case with all emerging technologies, a hospital’s availability of the device is often limited by costs considerations. While numerous studies have established the clinical effectiveness of the Fetal Pillow, studies have also suggested considerable cost effectiveness (even savings) with the use of the Fetal Pillow. While the experienced obstetrical surgeon is well-familiar with techniques to manage the impacted fetal head, commensurate with that familiarity are the consequences of having the ill-prepared assistant placing a hand into the birth canal to lift the fetal head, or the consequential tears of the surgeon’s deeply placed hand to lift the fetal head. The Fetal Pillow is quite easy to learn its placement and its use takes little more than a minute or two effectively use. describes its placement facilitating relative easy use the first time. Our discussions here at Sequent Medical Education are, as always, with the objective to enhance quality of care (minimizing complications), quality of practice, and quality of professional life!

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