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Sequent Medical Education, established in 2016 to assist Resident physicians in our academic center in their quest to stay abreast of the many established clinical protocols. The physician-educators founding Sequent are practicing physicians with academic rank in U S medical schools, and we are also consumers of continuing medical education. Further Sequent’s founders have a passion for travel. Other organizations are run by administrators. Sequent developed in the twenty-first century for the twenty-first century. The course speakers are culled from established experts who are not only highly regarded within their areas of expertise, but have proven teaching abilities. The speakers have demonstrated an ability to effectively present difficult topics. This is demonstrated by teaching awards and being regularly chosen by litigating attorneys to present their cases to juries. Because our speakers all have active practices, they have the objective to assure that you learn what your practicing colleagues and patients expect and need for you to know (including knowing the science behind the facts), not esoteric data that is barely useable clinically. For the vacation half of our mission, we painstakingly seek locations that are desirable (both by popular demand, as well as less known destination locations that are pearls that only the well-traveled will have the pleasure of vacationing in. Additionally, we always negotiate the best available group discounts for resort locations. Once you have your first Sequent Learning and Leisure experience, you will absolutely become a regular partaker! Partner with us in joining our Inaugural live conference this coming winter in the Bahama with our Masters Course in Obstetrics, but certainly if this course or timing is not for you, please give us feedback and recommendations for our subsequent live conferences.

Remember, if the course interests you but you are not able to get away for this conference, you can attend virtually.

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